Learn To Row with AJR

Coaches at Annapolis Junior Rowing offer Learn-to-Row instruction all year round, whether it’s during the Fall or Spring Season or Winter training as a member of the team or during Learn-to-Row Sessions in the Summer.  AJR Coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience and help new rowers master the sport through conditioning workouts, erg instruction and on-the-water training.


2021 SUMMER LEARN-TO-ROW SWEEP SESSIONS for 8th-12th Graders

What:  As a part of AJR’s Summer Season, AJR offers an opportunity to athletes to learn the sport of rowing.  Spend time with current AJR athletes on the water and on land learning boat handling and rowing technique, general conditioning on the ergometer (rowing machine), and land-based workouts.  End the week with a short race to test your rowing skill! New this year because we were sold out in 2019… 3 Sessions!

Who:  Students entering 8th through 12th grade with no or limited rowing experience

When:  Monday through Friday, 9am to 12pm

  • LTR Session I – 6/21-25, 2021 SOLD OUT
  • LTR Session II – 7/19-23, 2021 SOLD OUT
  • LTR Session III – 8/16-20, 2021

Where: Camp Woodlands, 2744 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401

Cost:  $425  

Register Here:  2021 AJR Learn to Row Summer Sessions

Covid Restrictions: AJR will abide by all Covid Restrictions that are in place during the LTR Sessions. Among other things, rowers may be need to show a negative Covid test and be required to wear masks.

What to bring/wear:  A large refillable water bottle, tennis shoes and socks suitable for running, spandex shorts and a close-fitting top (loose or overly long shorts are not suitable for rowing and can cause injury if they get caught in the equipment; if you choose to wear them to practice, please layer your spandex shorts underneath), sunscreen and bug spray, a hat or sunglasses if desired.

Swim Test:  All rowers new to AJR must complete a swim test in the presence of a certified life guard and submit the Swim Test Verification Form prior to their first practice. No rower will be allowed on the water without a Swim Test Verification Form on file.

Questions? Contact annapolisjuniorrowing1@gmail.com.

2021 SUMMER LEARN-TO-SCULL SESSIONS for 8th-12th Graders

What:  As a part of AJR’s Summer Training, AJR also offers an opportunity athletes to learn how to scull a single.  Semi-Private and Group Lessons are available. Visit 2021 Summer Training with AJR to learn more.


We have every intention of having a normal Fall Season for 2021. We will finalize details in the summer.  E-mail annapolisjuniorrowing1@gmail.com with any questions.

If you are new to AJR, it is important that you take a Swim Test.  Click here to download the form you will need to have filled out by a lifeguard: AJR Swim Test Forms  |  AJR ByLaws