2022-23 Winter Training


Get fit with AJR: Winter training is to improve our athletes’ fitness and to focus on rowing technique. We will be using all that is available at the YMCA. In addition to erging we will be doing a variety of things including swimming, lifting weights, cycling, running and circuit training. We will be adhering to the Y’s safety protocols which you can read here. Rowers will need to fill out a daily AJR form. 

Learn-to-Row: Athletes new to the sport of rowing will receive Learn-to-Row instruction on the ergs. The emphasis for novice level rowers will be refining their technique while training to improve their fitness, flexibility and strength. 

When:     Dates TBD | Monday – Friday 4-6pm, Saturday 8-10am

Where:    YMCA, 1209 Ritchie Highway, Arnold, Maryland

Tank Training: There will be Tank Training Days (Dates TBD) this season at Washington College. We will need parents to car pool. These are an additional fee that will be determined, depending on numbers.
ROWING TANK: an indoor facility which attempts to mimic the conditions rowers face on open water. Rowing tanks are primarily used for off-season rowing, muscle specific conditioning and technique training, or simply when bad weather does not allow for open water training. A tank allows basic technique to be taught to newcomers to the sport in a safe environment, and enables coaches to work on the technique of more experienced oarsmen.

Option 1 Full time at the Y:  TBD (plus YMCA Membership $43 per month) Ten weeks of in-person training at the Y.

Option 2 Part-time:  TBD (plus YMCA Membership $43 per month). For those participating in another Winter Sport we have a part-time option that includes two days per week at the Y.

YMCA Membership: Join online here or join in person at the Y.

Registration: Coming in October.

Questions: Email annapolisjuniorrowing1@gmail.com.

*According to AJR ByLaws, there are no refunds for winter training fees. Should COVID restrictions limit practices, rowers will get a credit towards a future season.

For Spring & Fall rowers need AJR Swim Test FormsAJR ByLaws | AJR HandbookAJR Safe Sport Policy Handbook | AJR Disease Prevention Guideline (12/14/2021)  | US Rowing Return to Boathouse (10/2021)