Drone Video of AJR Scrimmage vs. St. Andrew’s 3/20/21

AJR had the privilege after 16 months of no team boats due to Covid restrictions to scrimmage with St. Andrew’s School in Delaware! St. Andrew’s is a beautiful venue for racing and it was a treat for rowers and parents alike. Here are some drone videos that one of our AJR dads took.

AJR Men’s 4 – Heat 2.  https://youtu.be/ubVd7-B0Fm8
AJR Men’s 4 – Heat 4.  https://youtu.be/aE8G83KY7lo

AJR Women’s 8 – Heat 2. https://youtu.be/7jqoKScnFrY
AJR Women’s 8.   https://youtu.be/fYHtC5xzLv0

AJR Men’s 8 – Heat 2.  https://youtu.be/5uPDO1A9VHI
AJR Men’s 8 – Heat 4.  https://youtu.be/oITsaJ5DrBk