AJR reach expands into Montgomery County

The Fall of 2018 brought significant growth to the Annapolis Junior Rowing Club (AJR) as former Montgomery Boat Club coaches and athletes joined the program. Through many discussions over the summer between Director Todd Nix and legendary rowing coach Ken Dreyfuss, it was decided that both programs could benefit from Montgomery Boat Club rowers and coaches joining AJR. New coaches to AJR include Davis Bales, Ken Dreyfuss, Edward Longsdail, Ryan Gibbons and Zach Hicks. You can find their bios on our website.  “These coaches bring a ton of talent and amazing energy to an already enthusiastic AJR family!”  Nix said, “Mark my words, this year will be one of our best! I’m also excited to announce that through the enormous recruiting efforts of these coaches we will be acquiring athletes across the region expanding our borders to further the program’s competitiveness.”